Gong Bath Workshop @ Jordan's Courtyard

  • 2 hours
  • 30 British pounds
  • The Yoga Barn at Jordan's Courtyard, Ilminster TA19 9PY

Service Description

Our Gong Bath workshops are an opportunity for you to take some time out from the hustle of everyday life, to connect to your higher self and restore your well-being. Gong Baths are a scientific, mysterious and magical experience, the benefits of which are often very profound and healing. The gong has been used throughout history as a ceremonial and healing instrument and has probably become more popular in these recent years in our attempt to reduce stress, inflammation and disease. The vibrations of the gong creates an ocean of sound, activating the parasympathetic nervous system to balance our over-taxed sympathetic nervous system. Like water, the sound creates ripples in our body, since our body is made up of 70% water and water serves to conduct sound – you can only imagine how relaxing and soothing this is as the gong induces a holistic resonance in the body. We will begin with some gentle stretches to release tension we may be holding onto in our physical body and to also open up the flow of life force in our being. This will be followed by some relaxation techniques which will allow our minds to still, entering a space of calm and harmony. We will then absorb the healing vibrations of the Gongs, Tibetan bowls and other instruments which will continue to help us to unwind, destress and bring inner peace. The healing sounds will also help to remove emotional blockages and can even stimulate an altered sense of consciousness. You will need to bring your yoga mat (or something softer to lay on), a pillow and blanket as well as a bottle of water to hydrate yourself with afterwards. Kindly note that the class limit of 11 allows for social distancing and will be adjust according to current recommendations.

Cancellation Policy

Payment must be made 48 hours prior to event or session. Cancellations or reschedules must be made 48 hours before event or session otherwise payment will be retained by InHolistics.

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