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Ready to ditch it?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

How many times have you promised yourself to ditch all the nasty chemicals in the products you use and be more environmental friends.....and healthier? I know, as I have been there myself. My holistic practice goes back twenty years plus (yes, I'm that old!) and it all started in a bid to improve my health and wellbeing, especially mental wellbeing at that.

The deeper I got into my research the more shocked I became at how many everyday products that we use are causing our sickness and diseases - we truly host deadly killers in our homes!

(pic courtesy of facebook) · Not only do these poison our blood, suffocate our cells, rob us of minerals, form excess mucous, inhibit acidity, weaken our immune system, impact our hormones causing problems like infertility, PCOS etc, (do I need to go on?) But they are all somewhat linked to viral and bacterial illnesses. Nasties to look out for include nickel, titanium oxide, benzalkonium chloride, azo dye, zirconuim to name but a few. Found in paint, food colouring, TOOTHPASTE, plastics, SUNSCREEN, bleach, LAUNDRY DETERGENTS, SOAPS, HAIR COLOURING, CLEANING SUPPLIES, dishwashing liquids, bread, BODY LOTIONS, fake jewellery, clothing items, perfumes and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Studies conducted on patients with cancer, AIDS, HIV, herpes, diabetes etc also tested positive for these deadly chemical found within their cellular structure. Has this got you thinking yet? The bottom line is that you need to remove these items from your homes ASAP. How? I do hear you ask, and this is where I come in with my ability to point you in the right direction.....which over the course of time is one of the objectives of starting this blog. I will regularly be posting tips and tricks to switch your household killers to essential oil based, environmentally friendly, holistic, safe and natural ones. So, keep an eye out for my regular blogs and remember that you can always book an aromatherapy consultation with me to discuss your requirements. These consultations start at just £30 for 30 minutes, so you really have everything to gain. What price, after all, can you put on your health?

Everything I share will be mainly based on the Revive EO range of essential oils that I use in my practice, which can be purchased directly from their website (unless I'm making an order for myself which you'd be very welcome to add to and save on postage....I mean carbon emissions.) I am not associated with any MLM companies, therefore the price you pay is the price it is sold directly from the producer, I do not get commission on your sales (although you will be entitled to a £10 discount on your first order over £50 if you use one of my codes)


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